Vanquishing Nightmares

My eight year old son was recently plagued by a recurring nightmare.  This nightmare disrupted our sleep and exacerbated his already slow moving, groggy mornings.  Being no stranger to sleeplessness due to middle of the night awake sessions, I turned to a handful of tricks to try to ease his night fears.  Interestingly, some of the kid-friendly nightmare vanquishing tips have actually helped me with my own overthinking. Parenting has an amusing way of ensuring I am learning as much as I am teaching.

The Speed of My Thoughts

I have always known that I spend a significant amount of time thinking about everything. In the Meet the Authors section of this blog, I shared, “It is safe to say that I am always thinking about something.” My brain is constantly thinking through a dozen thoughts simultaneously at a dizzying pace.  However, despite awareness …

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