The Mystery of New Life

Over the past few months, I’ve posted about the variation between the theoretical and reality and how, often, the two can be quite incompatible. Sometimes life defies simple answers with its messy complexity and apparent inability to flow according to well-laid plans. Recently, my family embarked on a gardening adventure that reminded me just how …

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Know Answers vs. No Answers – Part 2

In my Part 1 post of Know Answers vs. No Answers, I talked about the theoretical versus reality and how the two are often, disappointingly, incompatible. There are so many experiences in life that defy simple answers. I struggle to accept that some situations don’t neatly fit the theoretically known answers and this often causes …

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Vanquishing Nightmares

My eight year old son was recently plagued by a recurring nightmare.  This nightmare disrupted our sleep and exacerbated his already slow moving, groggy mornings.  Being no stranger to sleeplessness due to middle of the night awake sessions, I turned to a handful of tricks to try to ease his night fears.  Interestingly, some of the kid-friendly nightmare vanquishing tips have actually helped me with my own overthinking. Parenting has an amusing way of ensuring I am learning as much as I am teaching.

Know Answers vs. No Answers – Part 1

Recently, while on vacation in South Dakota, my family enjoyed a tour of Wind Cave National Park. My kids, especially my four year old daughter, were particularly excited about seeing the inside of a cave. I was not exactly looking forward to the outing, being slightly claustrophobic and always battling a wildly out of control …

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Healing, Hormones, and Emotions

It has been a long journey, almost five years, to rediscover and readjust to my new body cycles, health rhythms, and emotions.  But, my biggest take-away right now is the reminder that emotions are complex, sometimes intense, and that is okay.  As I have made my way through February, I have practiced pausing and identifying the emotions I actually feel.  Then I gently remind myself to be thankful I can feel again, the good and the bad.  Even when it is hard, this process of acquainting myself with the emotions present in all of life’s journey is often worth it.