Welcome to our blog – we are so glad you are here! We hope these stories and reflections provide an opportunity to find connection in the unexpected. You can read about the inspiration and goals for this blog in our Blog Intro. This blog is authored by Jessica & Wendi (and you can read more about our backgrounds in Meet the Authors), as well as guest bloggers (if you’d like to become a guest blogger, please visit our Share Your Stories to learn more and you can contact us at unexpected.ever.afters @ gmail.com). You can find more stories at Posts, as well as search for keywords or sort by category, tag, author, or month.

The vision behind this blog is to create a space that is more reflective of the nuance in life, while also challenging ourselves to live and write authentically with grace and humor. We are passionate about honest conversations focused on the ups and downs of everyday life. We acknowledge that life isn’t perfect and that everyone has experienced varying degrees of unexpected ever afters. We hope that our vulnerability offers an alternative to the comparison trap and helps to combat the isolation often associated with the pressures to achieve (or to appear to have achieved) the perfect happily ever after. Thanks for being a part of our adventure!