The Mystery of New Life

Over the past few months, I’ve posted about the variation between the theoretical and reality and how, often, the two can be quite incompatible. Sometimes life defies simple answers with its messy complexity and apparent inability to flow according to well-laid plans. Recently, my family embarked on a gardening adventure that reminded me just how …

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Know Answers vs. No Answers – Part 2

In my Part 1 post of Know Answers vs. No Answers, I talked about the theoretical versus reality and how the two are often, disappointingly, incompatible. There are so many experiences in life that defy simple answers. I struggle to accept that some situations don’t neatly fit the theoretically known answers and this often causes …

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Know Answers vs. No Answers – Part 1

Recently, while on vacation in South Dakota, my family enjoyed a tour of Wind Cave National Park. My kids, especially my four year old daughter, were particularly excited about seeing the inside of a cave. I was not exactly looking forward to the outing, being slightly claustrophobic and always battling a wildly out of control …

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A Journey of Friendship

As we mark our third blogiversary of The Unexpected Ever Afters, I’m reminded of our goal and mission for this blog: to establish connections, to share stories of everyday life, to support and encourage one another, to remind that we are not alone in our thoughts, anxieties, hopes, and dream; that together, we can tear down isolating boundaries and build connections. In a way, our mission really is about friendship.

Learning to Accept a Messy Faith

For Christians to suggest that doubt prevents success or God’s will from being fulfilled would imply that doubt doesn’t coexist with faith, or that somehow our human doubt is stronger than our God.  I disagree.  I like to think that faith, even faith with doubt, is much more about connecting with God, being the hands and feet of Jesus, and letting our lights shine to those around us.  

The Roller Coaster of Procrastination

When I hear procrastination described as simply “delaying” a necessary task, it implies a sense of calm, as if the decision was somehow a logical choice to simply complete a task later.  However, how I experience procrastination is less of a calm, logical choice and is definitely more of a chaotic jumble of responsibilities careening around my mind in a twisted path, all requiring immediate action.  Of course, procrastination takes place in a headspace where logic is not involved and instead meaningless tasks take precedence over whatever responsibility I am desperately avoiding.