Happy Launch Day!

Welcome to our blog – we are so glad you are here!

Launching this blog is the fulfillment of years’ long dreams for both of us. We both love to write and have had many conversations regarding ways to use and nurture this passion. We encouraged each other in conversations regarding writing opportunities and, after twelve years of friendship, we realized the best way to support each other is to write together. That is when the conversations about blogging as an opportunity to share our writing really began!

The most amusing part of the two of us deciding to blog together is that we are both incredibly indecisive. Simple conversations regarding blogging platforms and style themes carried us through hours of conversation. Deeper conversations about the mission of our blog, our title and subtitle, and the community that we would connect with – these topics occupied our time for months. And by months, we mean months of very fun, friendship-deepening, connection-building, conversations about what we really wanted our writing to accomplish. In the end, we kept falling back on the fact that we not only enjoy but also strongly benefit from discussing the nuance and unexpecteds in our lives. The idea of using our writing to encourage others to be genuine and vulnerable, to reject the perfection that the online world expects us to present and instead embrace the imperfections, continued to resonate. This blog largely reflects the conversations we’ve had as well as personal reflections reconciling our realities versus daydreams of life. We both believe that sharing our wins, as well as our struggles, with close friends usually uncovers a simple truth: we’re not alone in our experiences or emotions. This truth provides comfort and reassurance in life.

As you can imagine, deciding to create a blog about being real and vulnerable is a lot easier said than done. It goes against the grain of the online images we have grown accustomed to. But, we are setting our fears aside, supporting each other, and taking a leap of faith by going all in! We are excited! And so thankful for this opportunity, this space, each other, and all of our readers. Welcome! We hope you enjoy this blog as much as we have enjoyed creating it. We can’t wait to watch it grow!

You can read more about the inspiration and goals for this blog in our Blog Intro. This blog is authored by Jessica & Wendi (and you can read more about our backgrounds in Meet the Authors), as well as guest bloggers (if you’d like to become a guest blogger, please visit our Guest Post Guidelines tab to learn more). You can find more stories at Posts, as well as search for keywords or sort by category, tag, author, or month. We intend to publish a new post by Jessica or Wendi weekly, in addition to guest posts. To make sure you are in the know when new content is posted, you can subscribe to the blog via the link found at the bottom of our site. Thanks for being a part of our adventure!

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