One-Year Blogiversary

Cheers to our one-year blogiversary! We are excited for this milestone and grateful for all of you that have joined us here as readers of this blog! These past several weeks we have enjoyed reflecting and reminiscing on posts from this past year.

We began dreaming about this blog several years ago and have loved seeing it come to life. When we started this blog one year ago, we had no idea how apropos the unexpected aspect of life would manifest in 2020. This has been a year filled with unexpected challenges, disappointments, and loss. However, it has also been a year filled with unexpected moments of beauty, love, and joy.

The mission of our blog has always been to reflect honest, authentic experiences, and this year has given us plenty of opportunity to write about the nuance of the everyday ups and downs. We have enjoyed sharing our perspectives and reflections and look forward to another year of the Unexpected Ever Afters blog.

In light of the current circumstances and schedules we have found ourselves in during this unexpected season, we will be adjusting our posting schedule to every other week.

We continue to extend an offer for guest posts to share their stories on our site.

Thank you for celebrating with us, thank you for all of the encouragement, and thank you for continuing to read this blog as we live through the unexpected together.

-Jessica & Wendi-

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