Throwback: Unexpected Moments of Unrestricted Joy

As we continue with the last two posts of our Summer Blog Break, I turned way back to the second post I ever wrote for The Unexpected Ever Afters Blog. Unexpected Moments of Unrestricted Joy was originally published on November 25, 2019. And, as I recently re-read the story shared in the post, I still felt the remnants of the lingering joy. I have been navigating a season of change and found it reassuring to remember that joy can be found when least expected.

So now I watch for them, my little unexpected moments of joy where my face hurts from so much smiling and the mess-free glitter flies around me.  I no longer take them for granted. The ordinary moment that is filled with joyful power no longer gets left as ordinary, but I capture it in my mind for rainy day remembering. Read more: Link

Author: Jessica is a wife, mom, social worker, and aspiring writer.  She is co-author of the blog The Unexpected Ever Afters.

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